Hi there
My name is Sabrina



I’m a certified aromatherapist, yoga teacher, meditation coach, and integrative nutrition coach. I'm also the host of the Stylish and Sustainable Podcast.


So many women fight daily to keep up with society's expectations of beauty and success while struggling to be really healthy and live a fulfilling life. They struggle to lose weight, take time for self-care, slow down or even just get a good night's rest.


Through private stress reduction and health coaching programs I take women from “sort of healthy”, stressed, exhausted and time-poor to a life and lifestyle in which self-care is a habit, eating whole foods is a necessity and soaking up the joy in what you have and what you do is a daily occurrence. Losing weight, working out, sleeping better and being healthier become side effects of bigger picture mindset changes based in self-compassion and sustainable action!


If you’re ready to have a slower, healthier, more rewarding life rooted in sustainable choices for you and the planet, book a free health consultation with me and we’ll get started together. 


Follow the link below to get started!