Vegetarian Soups Your Family will love

Being stuck at home and ordering in less often has got everyone thinking about how to make cooking one meal work for the whole family. One of my favorite easy meals to make is a good roasted vegetable soup and I'm excited to share some of the key elements of making this easy dinner something everyone in the family will crave! Tip #1: Roast your veggies: I love to make pureed roasted vegetable soups. The most important thing is to make sure your vegetables are properly cooked; nice and soft all the way through. For a good pureed soup you don't want your vegetables to be crunchy or even slightly crisp when you put them in the blender. Tip #2: Roast your onions and garlic: Slice the tops off of an onion and roast it along with a head of garlic in a tin-foil tent alongside your vegetables. Roasting your onion and garlic will add a depth of flavor to your soup that you just can't get from simply sautéing them! Tip #3: Add more than salt and pepper: Please for the love of all things good expand your spice horizons! Try cumin with curry and coriander or paprika and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. The best option is to toss your vegetables in spices before roasting and add about a tsp of each to the finished product once you combine it all in the blender! Roasted Vegetable Soup Formula - 2 cups vegetable broth - 1 roasted onion - 1 roasted garlic head - 4 dates (if you want a sweet soup-like with squash soup) - plenty of spices - 2 cups lightly packed roasted veggies (think parsnips or squash or carrots or a combination of your favorites) My final tip is a little sneaky and that is to provide a yummy side-carb to carry the soup for non-liquid-food inclined folks. (I always turn some of our homemade sourdough bread into garlic bread for Coop when I make soup for dinner so even if he doesn't love it he'll still eat it with the bread)