Welcome to Stylish and Sustainable

I'm so glad that your online travels somehow brought you here! This website and it's fellow media outlets on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the home of Stylish and Sustainable, but I'm pretty sure you've already figured that out, if you made it this far.

Stylish and Sustainable is a blog, podcast and media company created to empower women to live more sustainable lives. Stylish and Sustainable was started by me, Sabrina. I'm a yoga teacher, essential oil lover, musician, and environmentalist. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest but moved to Saint Paul Minnesota to pursue my dream of becoming a songwriter (shameless plug: I have some stuff on Spotify and iTunes). After my boyfriend and I had moved all the way out there and settled ourselves into the path we believed we would be traveling for the next four or five years, the universe began to educate me on several truths that I had yet to fully comprehend. They are as follows:

Truth #1: Things don't always go as planned

Truth #2: What you think is important isn't always what's "really" important

Truth #3: Sometimes letting go of our ego opens doors to true happiness

Truth #4: Human beings are really f*%^ing up the planet

I'll save you the story of how I came to understand the reality of these truths, but the result of my realization landed us back in the Pacific Northwest in under a year, with new dreams and new passions. God, the universe, or whoever you choose to believe makes the decisions around here, had woken me up to my life's mission; educating people on how to live more sustainably. It took me a while to catch on, but I'm finally here, ready and willing to start on a journey that will not only change my life, but also (hopefully) yours as well.

Stylish and Sustainable is the manifestation of all I have learned and continue to learn about how to live a life that is fulfilling, sustainable and enjoyable. I believe that in order to be truly happy, we need to lead lives that have only positive impacts on our health, the health of the planet and the health of others. Even as I continue to learn how to perfect this way of living, I know that its my duty to share what I'm learning as I go.

Women have an amazing ability of empowering each other when they decide to make a collective change, which is why I feel it's important I share all that I'm learning with all the other women out there. My belief is that women have the ability to remake the way we live as Americans, and as global citizens. Women are often the one's that make decisions that determine how their families live. Women decide what their families eat, wear and take part in. Women also drive the consumer market. If we, as women, can collectively decide to live more sustainable lives (and get the men in our lives on board) we have the ability to literally not only save the planet and save the lives of others, but also to save ourselves. We can decided wether to live a life that feels good or doesn't; no matter what your budget is or where you come from.

Many of us are already making changes and taking the steps towards rewriting what it means to be a modern women, but it can be really hard sometimes. There are road blocks (big and small) and many, many questions. Stylish and Sustainable is created to answer those questions and support you when you come up against those road blocks. On the blog, you'll find articles about mental health, nutrition, eating habits, waste streams and much more. On the podcast you'll find tips and tricks I've discovered along the way and interviews with the women leading this movement (think ceos, doctors, and influencers). On social media you'll find a growing community of women trying to change their own lives, and the lives of their families for the better (along with a book club, more tips, brand spotlights and lots of education).

I invite you to dive in, poke your nose around, check it all out and then send me a message! I'll meet you where you're at and we'll go through this together. I promise it's worth a try. You'll end up living a life you feel proud to be living by the end of it.