Earth Friendly Christmas Traditions

This week’s video is all about earth friendly christmas traditions. Doing Christmas zero waste and in a sustainable, green, and eco-friendly way is challenging, but it can be done! Whatever trendy word we are using to describe christmas, be it xmas or vlogmas or winter holiday, many people still partake in classic traditions like gathering together with family to eat, giving gifts or decorating. Whether you are looking to try a christmas tradition based in minimalism, embrace an eco christmas, have a low waste holiday, or just make your holiday more simple this video will explain my favorite, eco friendly , zero waste christmas traditions! These tips are minimalist, vegan, simpler, greener, eco-friendly and fun ideas to incorporate into your Christmas routines! These traditions are great for kids! You’ll learn how to create great decorations, tips on enjoying a sustainable christmas, eco friendly christmas tree decorating and eco-friendly gift ideas!