3 Key elements of the perfect healthy burrito

You may not have ever put much thought into what makes a perfect burrito, but I have! I've complied the three key elements of the perfect whole food burrito and I'm excited to be sharing them with you here.

1. The Protein: This creates the background for a nutritional powerhouse of a meal! Some of my favorite proteins are black beans, chickpeas, scrambled eggs or spicy tofu.

2. The Veggies: This is where you bring in the flavor! I think all good, healthy burritos should have salsa, jalapeños, avocados, sautéed greens, garlic or onion and maybe even some roasted red peppers or mushrooms!

3. The Simple Carbohydrates: Apart from the tortilla (which is usually best if you use a whole-grain flour variety) you can add in rice, potatoes, quinoa or even sweet potatoes!

I hope thinking of burritos with a little more flexibility allows you to experiment with the different combinations of proteins, veggies and simple carbs!