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Essential oils are, well, essential. In our everyday lives, we do many things that require us to ingest, smell or topically apply chemicals. Every time you clean your home with conventional cleaning solutions you are interacting with chemicals that can be harmful to your health and the health of the environment. Synthetic fragrances found in candles, perfumes, and aerosols are also filled with pretty nasty chemicals. In fact, according to an article published by the Huffington Post, "More than 95 percent of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals." Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum (yup, that icky fossil fuel) and many petroleum substances are considered toxic or known to be carcinogenic, cause birth defects, nervous system diseases or lead to allergic reactions. Ingesting chemicals leads to even greater issues. Even common medications like Ibuprofen are known to cause cardiovascular issues, stomach bleeding, miscarriages and skin blistering. More potent drugs (both prescription and over the counter) often have even more severe side effects. The bottom line is, living a life filled with chemical and artificially derived synthetics is not always safe and definetly is not sustainable.


Essential Oils have been used for hundreds of years and the natural medicinal benefits of plants have been acknowledged and utilized since the dawn of man. Over time, as technology has improved people have found more precise ways to extract the "essence" of plants that contain concentrated healing properties that are naturally found in the plants from which they are extracted. Distillation and cold pressing have allowed us to separate the plant's natural oils from the fibers, sugars, water, and other material that make up the plant. These natural oils can then be used to replace the synthetic chemicals we find in our homes. Oils can be used for cooking, cleaning and even used to treat various maladies through the practice of Aromatherapy. Oils can also be mixed with carrier oils and applied topically in place of lotions, salves, lip balms, and even anti-bacterial creams. 


Embracing a toxin-free lifestyle doesn't mean you have to go all out and toss your Lysol and candles in the trash (which isn't a good idea anyway). Living a toxin-free lifestyle allows you to take more control of what is in your home at whatever level is comfortable for you. When I first started using oils to reduce tension and stress and find a sustainable treatment for allergies and migraines, I still kept all my wonderful candles and even my glass cleaner. Naturally, over time, I realized I wanted to eliminate those toxins as well, but that was a choice I made on my own time. Using essential oils also helps you to become a more informed consumer. Many essential oil companies. like doTerra, are so transparent you can easily find exactly where the plant your oil comes from was grown, where the oil was extracted and how it got to your door. Can you say the same for most of the chemical products in your home? Not to mention, many oil companies, like doTerra, create positive relationships with farmers and guarantee fair trade, organic plants from which the oils are extracted. 


If you are interested in trying an oil or learning more you can reach me on the Contact page and I'll connect you with a discounted price and wholesale membership (like Costco but for essential oils) for doTerra Essential Oils, my personal favorite essential oil supplier.  Be sure to use my Wellness Advocate ID as your sponsor for a free consultation with me and one on one support! Watch the video for a guide to getting started!

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